Administrative Principles of Special Scholarships for International Students Business School in SDNU, 2021

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Ⅰ.In order to fully implement theOpening-uppolicyin Education, set upparagons ofoutstanding students, attract outstanding students tocometoourschool, encourage and guide the mutual exchange activities,the principles are formulatedaccording toMeasures for the Administration of recruiting and Cultivating international students(No. 42,the Ministry of Education,2017) &Quality Standard of Higher Education for International Students (Trial)(No. 50, the Ministry of Education, 2018).


International undergraduate and postgraduate studentsself-fundedregistered in ourschool.

Ⅲ.RewardCategory andAmount

Excellent international students scholarships are divided into two categories:Academic scholarship andIndividual scholarship.

1.Academic scholarship: aims to reward international students whoare diligent,study hardand have excellent gradesby offeringFirst Class Scholarship, Second Class Scholarship, Third Class Scholarshipand ChineseAchievement Excellence Award.Therewardproportion shall not exceed 25% of the total international students.

(1)Requirement forFirst Class Scholarship of 6,000RMB

The average score is more than 85 and the score is not less than 80 in a single subject.

(2)Requirement for SecondClass Scholarship of3,000RMB

The average score is more than 80and the score is not less than75in a single subject.

(3).Requirement for ThirdClass Scholarship of1,000RMB

The average score is more than75and the score is not less than60in a single subject.

(4)Requirement forChinese Achievement Excellence Award of 1,000RMB

In Foundation Program, studentswith an average score of more than 85 points in the final examinationforall coursesare supposed tobe awarded. The reward will only be granted to students when they getofficially registered for our school.

2.Individual scholarship: aims to reward international students who actively participate in various school-level or above academic, cultural exchanges, sports, art and other collective activities organized by the school.According to the performance of the activity, theFirstClassScholarship isset for500 yuanandthe selection proportion shall not exceed 30% of the total number of international students.TheSecondClass scholarship isset for300 yuan, the quota is not limited.


1.Students with their own expenses registered in school, with no arrears, no suspension, no retained school status or extended schooling in the last school year;

2.Students with finelearning attitudeabide by the law and have good school performance in the last school year;

3.Students with afriendly attitude towards Chinaand school respect the teachers andthe otherforeign students.

Ⅴ.Those who receive administrative sanctions in violation of Chinese laws, regulations or school rules and discipline shall not participate in the selection of scholarships.


1.Individual students submit a written application, which shall be evaluated based on the comprehensive performance of international students in the previous academic year. Finally, the list of winners shall be determined according to the order from high to low. The list of winners shall be published within the scope of theschoolfor 3 days.

2.Scholarship is selected once every academic year. Students will apply for it at the end of September of each academic year, and the selection will be completed at the end of October.The business school issued the certificate andhand over the informationto the Finance Department for the scholarship.

Ⅶ.Other instructions

Business school adjusts the scope and quota of the allocation of scholarship according to student enrollment.Shandong Normal University will transfer 10% of the tuition fees of self-fundedstudents to the special scholarship account for the issuance of special scholarships.The Business School of Shandong Normal University is responsible for the interpretation of thesePrinciples.ThesePrinciplesshall come into force as of the date of promulgation.

Business School

Shandong Normal University

September 24,2021